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Are you in business to make money?
You may not be making as much as you should.  To learn how to get more people to respond to your Web site, keep reading.

Three Key Reasons Your Customers
Don't Buy From Your Web Site

  • Bad Site Performance:  Your Web site loads too slow and/or your Web site programs (cgi/PERL, active server pages, java applets, etc.) take too long to work
  • Poor site organization and navigation:  Your site is poorly organized and customers can't find what they are looking for
  • No trust:  Your potential customers don't know if they can trust you

Overcoming these problems is not as hard as you think. 
Here are the three problems and what you can do about them.

Bad Site Performance -- Your Web site loads too slow

Slow loading web sites are caused primarily by two factors.

Poor Design: Poor site layout indicates that your company may not be professional. Picture file sizes are too large. Java applets or other features take too long to download. There are too many pictures on the page.

Poor Server Performance:  You know those incredibly cheap web hosting accounts you can get for your web site? The old saying is true:  "You get what you pay for." Poor server performance is most often caused by hosting companies who overload their servers with Web sites (in spite of what they claim). Quite simply, there are too many sites on the server.

Each time a visitor arrives at a web site, the server CPU has to send that web page back to the visitor.  If the visitor clicks a link that requires active server pages or a PERL script to run, the CPU has to process the script.  Now consider that most hosting companies put 800 or more web sites on one server.  (They usually speak of it in terms of 'server load' running at some percentage of capacity.)  With all those sites getting visitors simultaneously, that server will be working hard to keep up with all the requests.

If you do not have your own dedicated or co-located server, your Web site shares the server with hundreds of other web sites.  All those web sites are using the same computer resources and the same Internet connection!

Your customer has to wait every time your shopping cart adds an item to the customer's cart

Your customer has to wait every time he/she clicks the submit button on a contact form

Your customer has to wait every time he/she clicks a link to see a page on your site

You have only three choices to increase your server performance.

  1. Spend thousands of dollars to set up your own web server, to maintain a dedicated internet connection, and to pay the IT staff needed to keep the server running.
  2. Spend thousands of dollars for a co-located or dedicated server.
  3. Find a new web host who has proven themselves successful at providing high-performance web hosting at a competitive, affordable cost. 

USCNi hosting servers' Internet connections are FAST!!  We offer dual OC-192 fiber optic connectivity (up to 622 MegaBytes per second each) with multiple backbones from UUnet, AT&T, Sprint, and Cwix.

USCNi does not overload its servers. We limit the number of web sites we put on a server.  In fact, we stay below the number of sites per server that most hosting companies would consider acceptable.  That way we are able to guarantee that our performance levels stay high.

Don't take a chance with your web hosting!

You cannot afford it.  The bottom line is that through USCNi you get a high-performance web site for a fraction of the cost of maintaining your own dedicated server.

Site Organization & Navigation -- Organizing Nightmares

Visitors rarely search a site trying to find what they are looking for. Customers expect you to very clearly direct them to what they want.  This fact may seem impossible when you consider that you are not there to hold their hand from selecting their product to checking out.  Proper site organization and navigation design is the answer.

Proper site design begins with organization. You should be able to create a hierarchy of your site's pages. You should know the order of the pages and map the path through your site before you start programming. Based on your hierarchy, you then create the navigation structure.  

Simply put, your site's navigation structure is made up of the links that customers use on your site, where they are placed, and how they are organized. Customers must be able to intuitively find links to where they want to go.

Building Trust -- "I Don't Know You"

Do you know why brand recognition works? Because people associate a certain level of service or quality with the brand. Unless you have a brand name that people already know or you are willing to invest millions of dollars to build that brand name, you are going to have to find another way of building trust with your customers. There are many methods to build trust.

Where do you turn for answers?

USCNi has worked hard to achieve a reputation for being up-front and honest. We have no hidden fees and are honest about our capabilities. We provide straight answers to questions and work to ensure your satisfaction. We offer affordable, professional, experienced programmers and graphic designers who can help you with just about any web site need that you have. USCNi is committed to providing excellent, ongoing service to help your business grow. We exist to deliver value and performance to the customer - everything else is secondary.

But don't just take our word for it.  Listen to our customers.

"Having dealt with number of website designers, marketers, I can truly attest to their expertise and reliability. I've been very impressed with their ability to listen to my needs and customize our site to fit those needs. Given the nature of the internet, there's always the need for current information to maximize your product's website. US Consumer Net has always responded quickly to our needs. Often times willing to go above and beyond to meet our needs."
Mary Steadman, East TN Marketing Partnership Manager

"US Consumernet consistently provides service and support beyond what they promise. Helpfulness and availability combined with excellence add up to superior design, hosting and marketing - a rare commodity in today's market!"
Steve Streeter, Owner, Media Management

"I have had the pleasure of working with US Consumer Net for over two years. They have been a joy to work with, always there to answer questions and provide guidance... The creative design of my web site and it's maintenance have been tremendous. I have had clients form all over the world compliment me on the functionality as well as the design. I would recommend their services to anyone who needs a great creative as well as professional team to generate wed design and
Gary Heatherly, Owner, Gary Heatherly Photography - www.garyheatherly.com

We're here to help with professional quality Web Services at a rate you can afford.

Oh! The temptation of all those cheap hosting solutions! Perhaps such web hosting plans are sufficient for home users, but not for businesses. Always remember that you get what you pay for! You will probably not find a company that offers such cheap hosting that can rival the service and support that you will get from USCNi.

Even with the high level of service we provide and the high-performance web hosting we offer, USCNi still has extremely competitive rates. USCNi offers several pricing plans to fit your budget. Choose from any of these plans.

If you have any questions or would like to speak with someone about which hosting plan is right for you, please visit www.usconsumernet.net, use our contact form, or give us a call Toll-Free at 1-888-WWW-USCN (1-888-999-8726).


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