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Customer Service

We have a whole Customer Service and Support web site created specifically for our customers.  It's all waiting for you at www.usconsumernet.org.  You will find:

Have a question? Check here first. Our FAQ is well-organized for you to be able to quickly find the information that you want.

Can't find the information that you are searching for? Need an update for your Web site? Need technical support? Submit a support request with this form.

Want to Be Sure Your Site is Effective?

Read this article: Three Key Reasons Why Your Customers Don't Buy From Your Web Site

Do you need more personalized support?

We always support our web hosting. However, you may need help fixing errors you make on your Web site, configuring your computer for email, answers about Internet-wide issues such as privacy and antivirus software, or perhaps something as simple as solving browser problems.  Therefore, we offer three methods of additional support.

  • Per Occurrence, $80/hr billed by the minute
    Call our toll free number for phone support. You pay only for the time required to solve your support issue. 
  • Basic Support Plan, $120/year
    Basic Support includes 20 minutes phone support per month.  Time over 20 minutes is billed at the Per Occurrence rate.  Unused time per month does not carry forward.
  • Advanced Support Plan, $160/year
    You receive 4 hours of support that can be used anytime within a 12 month period.  If you use up your 4 hours, you may purchase another 4 hours, downgrade to the Basic Plan, or simply pay Per Occurrence.



Home  |   Hosting Plans  |   Customer Support  |  Contact Us  |  About USCNi

Questions? Prefer to order by phone? Contact us at:
c/o U.S. Consumer Net, Inc.
P.O. Box 71085, Knoxville, TN 37938
865-687-7698 or Toll Free 1-888-WWW-USCN (999-8726)

Complete Web Packages is a division of U.S. Consumer Net, Inc.  (USCNi).  USCNi is a full service web services provider. We've earned a reputation of excellent customer service by (1) providing professional services at an affordable competitive rate, (2) listening to our customers and responding to their needs, (3) working to help each customer succeed. USCNi provides a full range of Web-related services in addition to the hosting-related services found on this site.  For more information, see www.usconsumernet.net. Copyright 2002. All rights reserved.  Member of the U.S. Consumer Network.